The Road to Investment

It is a question that often arises, what is an investment and how is an investment relevant to a person. Investing in the right thing often takes a lot of time and understanding of the topic and how will the investment proceed to help you achieve the growth you require. Real estate has been one form of the many versions of investments that has garnered more success in terms of monetary benefits over the past year.

Many tend to remain skeptical of the benefits of investing in real estate. It is usually not the amount one puts in the real estate but also how valuable a certain property is. In Singapore, property prices are often pricey, but making sure that one gets their money’s worth. Singapore is home to many locals and expatriates.
The economy over the years has seen some tough times however the fact that real estate still remains its top position in being the best form of investment one can make. According to millionaires around the world, real estate is one way to be able to earn high income and returns. Investing in real estate is not an overnight success. It takes years in the making but ends up being one of the best investments you would have ever made.

Residential properties are the type of investments that generate a steady income all year-round. It is a type of investment that comes with some risks which is why it is highly important to recognize which properties will be able to do well in the market and something that is profitable to others but will also give you a steady return in the long run. Buyers need to be able to analyze and study to see if these assets would be the perfect space that provides a consistent income in forms of monetary benefits. If your property is considered high in value and if you made the right investment in a property, that investment will continue to appreciate.

Thankfully Singapore is blessed with magnificent designs on various new launches that hold enormous potential to become the best real estate investments. In cases where people often fall in the hands of the wrong investment, it is always related to not being able to identify the right kind of property.

The M a property located in the heart of Singapore and located within Bugis, this space is modern and is located close to the central and the business district. Perfect for businessmen providing the best amenities and the most luxurious space. A mixture of residential and commercial units this place set in a strategic location is perfect for the residents within the area as well as store owners which will provide a substantial growth in business considering the area this development was built in.  

Apart from that The Avenir is also another development perfect as an investment. One of the most elegant spaces that is designed with a beautiful roof deck, incorporated with designs of various form of greenery that provide residents a luscious feeling living there.  Set in River Valley Road close to the Great World MRT this space is perfect for family living.

Cairnhill 16 a beautiful luxurious development set in the heart of Orchard Road. Close to amenities with easy access, this 15 storey freehold development consisting of 39 units comes built with a private lift for all units. Equipped with 2-4 bedroomed units this space is perfectly luxurious and well built for family living.

Apart from that Dalvey Haus, a beautifully designed space set in the heart of District 10. A freehold residence close to Singapore Botanic gardens and decked out with the most luxurious looking interiors. Designed with the best finishing done up with neutral colors to provide the best living experience for its residents.

Often times trying to identify a perfect space to invest in is a difficult task, which is why people reach out to seek advice from real estate consultants who have been in the field and have studied property development over the years. I’m Josephine Yap, I have been in this industry for over many years and I have taught myself the ropes of this business. My aim in this industry is to perfect my ability to pick the best properties that suit my clients’ needs and liking. This opportunity had provided me the ability to understand people and how I am able to help them the best I can. I always strive to provide excellence in everything I do, and I work hard to treat everyone equally. I am always up for a great challenge and I spare no effort to make my mark in this industry. I aim to always guide and provide advice to my clients through their process. I commit to assisting them through their experience from beginning to the end.

If you’re looking to buy a property and you want to know more, I will be able to help you. Contact me through a phone call or drop me a message on WhatsApp +65 8288 0298.
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Featured or New Launches at District 3

Condo NameAddressTenureTOP
Artra Alexandra View Leasehold 99 2020
One Pearl Bank Pearl Bank Leasehold 99 2023
Avenue South Residence Silat Avenue Leasehold 99 2023
Riviere Jiak Kim Street Leasehold 99 2023
Margaret Ville Margaret Drive Leasehold 99 2021
Stirling Residences Stirling Road Leasehold 99 2022

Featured or New Launches at District 7

Condo NameAddressTenureTOP
The M Middle Road Leasehold 99 2023
Midtown Bay Beach Road Leasehold 99 2022
South Beach Residences Beach Road Leasehold 99 2016

Featured or New Launches at District 9

Condo NameAddressTenureTOP
8 Hullet Hullet Road Freehold 2021
8 St Thomas St Thomas Walk Freehold 2018
Cairnhill 16 Cairnhill Rise Freehold 2023
Haus on Handy Handy Road Leasehold 99 2023
Llyod Sixtyfive Llyod Road Freehold 2016
Martin Modern Martin Place Leasehold 99 2021
New Futura Leonie Hill Road Freehold 2017
RV Altitude River Valley Road Freehold 2022
The Avenir River Valley Close Freehold 2025
The Iveria Kim Yam Road Freehold 2022
The Lumos Leonie Hill Freehold 2011
TwentyOne Angullia Park Angullia Park Freehold 2014

Featured or New Launches at District 10

Condo NameAddressTenureTOP
120 Grange Grange Road Freehold 2021
19 Nassim Nassim Hill Leasehold 99 2023
3 Cuscaden Cuscaden Walk Freehold 2021
Boulevard 88 Orchard Boulevard Freehold 2023
Cluny Park Residence Cluny Park Road Freehold 2016
Cuscaden Reserve Cuscaden Road Leasehold 99 2022
Dalvey Haus Delvey Road Freehold 2022
Fourth Avenue Residences Fourth Avenue Leasehold 99 2022
Goodwood Grand Balmoral Road Freehold 2021
Juniper Hill; Ewe Boon Road Freehold 2022
Leedon Green; Leedon Heights Freehold 2023
Liberte Sarkies Road Freehold 2015
Mon Jervois Jervois Road Leasehold 99 2016
Nouvel 18 Anderson Road Freehold 2014
One Draycott Draycott Park Freehold 2022
Petit Jervois Jervois Road Freehold 2022
Royal Green Anamalai Avenue Freehold 2022
St.Regis Residences Tanglin Road Leasehold 999 2008
The Hyde Balmoral Road Freehold 2022
Wilshire Residences Farrer Road Freehold 2023